How can this book help your child?

Below the author of “The Children’s Meditation In my Heart”, Gitte Winter Graugaard, will answer questions often asked by parents regarding the book. Please remember that all children are different and have different circumstances. The advice given below has however helped a lot of children.


What is the age range of The Children’s Meditations In my Heart?

Originally I thought children between age 3-12 would be the target group of this book. But even from birth, children will feel the presence and love from a parent reading these stories. Some even use the book for pre-natal classes to connect to a child in the womb. Also, there really doesn’t seem to be an upper age limit – also teenagers love to hear about their parents’ love for them. Many teenagers also benefit from learning the art of self-loving, which can be tough especially during puberty.

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My child has a hard time falling asleep at night. Can the book help?

This book has helped thousands of children fall asleep faster and also sleep better during the night. It has even helped children with nightmares and night terror. Children today sleep one hour less than we did 25 years ago. Many are the reasons why children have a hard time falling asleep. Some of them are screens, too many impressions, too much stress, too high demand, too little focus on the importance of sleep, too little knowledge of sleep methods ect. Often racing thoughts or worrying keep a child awake. The child doesn’t feel tired, but he is. By shifting focus from the mind to the body while reading the book, the child begins to sense the tiredness in the body and will want to fall asleep. The presence of – and the connection with a loving parent calm the child as well. The feeling of love and safety calms the nerve system of the child and makes it easier to fall asleep.


After a day full of school, work, screens etc. I wish to create a nice and calm moment in our day to share with my child. How can the book help?

The book is perfect for this occasion. We might be busy parents, but we all love to create those special, dear moments with our children. You can spend 5 minutes or an hour with this book, and it will have a great impact on how you connect with your child – even on busy days. Many families are often in such a rush and creating a deeper connection in the evenings, will make a BIG difference for you and your child. You can use the book to create a peaceful, quiet time together focusing only on breathing and loving.


I would like to help my child fall asleep knowing she is loved, rather than nagging her to hurry up to go to bed. How can the book help?

By ending the day with The Children’s Meditations In my Heart you make sure to end your day in a loving, calm, and present way. The magic of this book is a present, loving parent. Ending your child’s day with this book calms both you and your child, which makes it easier for your child to fall asleep and also sleep better during the night. You will also have an easier time enjoying the rest of your evening if your child falls happily asleep.



I really want to connect with my child on a deeper level. Can the book help?

This is actually what the book is written for. The big effect it has on sleeping is a side kick to the connection you create with your child while reading the book. It is such a heartfelt, joyful and uplifting time together to snuggle up with this book and talk about the great love we share in the family. I have often felt my self that the book creates soul to soul meetings with my children.


We try to encourage a mindful way of being in our children. How can the book help?

The book is full of mindfulness, peace, and love. It also teaches your child to truly love herself. Giving your child the tools to fill herself with love is the most powerful tool, which might also be the most important tool to learn for any child. Mindfulness is all about accepting who we are and stop judging ourselves and each other so hardly. I truly believe adapting to meditation from an early age can make a HUGE difference in the lives of our children. And the practice of letting go and accepting from mindfulness is easier if we love ourselves.

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My child has anxiety and struggles with separation from me when I have to go to work. How can the book help?

Especially meditation number 2 and 3 will benefit your child. The book has helped many children with anxiety to feel more calm and confident when having to let go of a parent for instance at daycare or school. By reading the book to your child you express and emphasize that no matter the distance between you and your child you are always with your child in your heart and mind and your child can tap into your love where ever the child is.


I am divorced from my child’s mother. Often he misses the parent he is not with. How can the book help?

The book helps you to talk about the love in your family. It also helps you to talk about how much love you send to your child when you are not together with him. Depending on the situation and if it has been a difficult divorce, the book can also help heal your wounds and might be an opening to reconciliation with the other parent. Having parents who are divorced is enough to deal with for a child. As parents who are divorced, we can make a difference to our child by becoming friends with our ex. The book has some suggestions to how to build bridges to people we are in conflict with.

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My child has low self-esteem and has a hard time believing in herself. How can the book help?

By reading the book to your child you give her a sense of the beautiful love she has inside of her. You can talk to her about all the love that she already shares with you and how much that love means to you. With this book, you can teach her to also share her love with herself. Not to give all her love away to others but also save some for herself.


I love meditation myself. Can this book teach my child to meditate?

Yes. This book will be a very good introduction to meditation for your child as it has a lot of love in it and calms down your child.


I don’t meditation myself. Can I use this book teach my child to meditate anyway?

You don’t need to have meditated before to read this book to your child. There is an introduction to how to read the stories in the book. I encourage you to pay close attention to your child while reading the meditations. Many parents are surprised by the natural approach their child has to meditate with this book. There is so much for parents to learn from children about meditating and being more mindful.



My child is grieving a loss of a loved one. How can the book help?

Especially the third meditation can help a grieving child if you believe the one you love is still with you or in heaven. By getting to know the “little love cloud” and sending the cloud up to the sky, the loved one can still fill the cloud with love from wherever she/he is. The book will give your child a sense of still having a connection to the one who has passed.


I am grieving a loss of a child. Can the book help me?

Especially by reading the second meditation to your child in heaven you can feel a strong connection to a child, who has passed. The first meditation can also help you heal your wounds by turning up your love for yourself, which is the best way to heal.


I am a passionate teacher with a big dream of helping children. Can I use my book in my teaching?

The book has been written for parents and is all about family love. However, I know of a lot of teachers, child care providers, family therapists, child psychologists etc. who read the book to children in their care and have found ways to help children connect with themselves, fill theirs hearts with love and build better relationships to for instance other children, siblings, and parents. Use your intuition to change the passages you feel you need to be able to read to the children you meet in your profession.


I believe the love in a family is what builds the strongest roots in our children. A love so deep will guide them in life to make good decisions. In this way the book combines the learnings of the two great teachers of love, peace, and harmony mentioned above.

I wish you the best of times reading this book to your child. Remember the little moments of happiness you have with your child will be among the happiest memories looking back many years from now when small things become big.

Much love from Denmark

Gitte Winter Graugaard