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6 new meditations from The Valley of Hearts

Welcome to The Valley of Hearts


I am so happy to announce that ‘The Valley of Hearts’ will soon be released in English. It was published in Danish in August 2017 and has taught Danish children about their inner landscape and how to access their inner resources through child meditation. The feedback from parents has been overwhelming. While ‘The Children’s Meditations in my Heart’ teaches children to fall asleep, the meditations in ‘The Valley of Hearts’ teach them to let go of their troubles and clear their mind before sleeping, enabling them to access a deeper and longer sleep.

The storyline of the book came to me after meeting many children who had read ‘The Children’s Meditations in my Heart’. They happily told me about their magical love mountains, I receive letters from children and parents from all over the world, telling me about their love mountains. When I realised we now had a whole mountain range of love mountains across the planet I thought that the valley below so many children’s hearts must be the most wonderful place to visit. Those were the first thoughts behind the creation of ‘Valley of Hearts’.


The six meditations in this book are based on my experiences with the four elements fire, earth, water and air as a meditation teacher and healer. In my coaching clinic I use the elements in meditations with adults to help them heal, grow and find inner balance grounded in love and light. I have seen the most beautiful of transformations and couldn’t help but think the basic principles of the teachings in the elements could also be taught to children.

We are part of nature whether we like it or not. If we like and seek nature often, we already know how healing nature is. If we shy away from nature, we risk feeling disconnected, which can lead to stress and depression. Luckily, implicit in ‘disconnection’ is a chance to reconnect as well.

Let’s not wait for our children to be disconnected. Let’s teach them to stay connected.

The six meditations in the book will be released in English as a series in 2018/2019 in five parts.

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Part One: The Valley of Hearts

In the first part you find a parent section with an introduction to the book together with the first two meditations in the book. In the first you teach your child how to arrive to the valley by using the breath and the imagination. In the second meditation the child get’s to meet Eagle Feather – who is the wise guide in the valley and teaches the child about the magic of the elements. 

Release date: May/June 2018


Part Two: The Flame Dancing Fire

Element: Fire 

Release date: unannounced


Part Three: The Clear Source 

Element: Water 

Release date: unannounced



Part Four: The Deep Meadow

Element: Earth 

Release date: unannounced


Part five: The Mild Winds

Element: Air

Release date: unannounced

Meet the author Gitte Winter Graugaard

On April 6th 2018 I introduced the book on a live Facebook video. You can rewatch it here;