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The science of a strong heart connection

I have always had a strong heart connection and instinctively knew I had to teach my girls how to connect to their hearts. In my mind it is the most important thing to teach our kids – how to connect with their hearts and cultivate that connection. From a strong heart connection everything can grow. But what can science tell us about a strong heart connection? In this interview  former CEO of Heartmath Institute Bruce Cryer tells us about the science of a strong heart connection and how it helps our children. You don’t want to miss this! It is so interesting – and will most likely make you a better parent! 


Why mindfulness should be part of school life!

In June 2019 I had the pleasure of teaching 90 3rd grade students heartfulness in Nottingham, England. I will never forget that day. These students had received mindfulness and meditation training by my good friend Jackie Wilson from Empower Education, and they were absolutely amazing. The heart light they were able to share and spread into their community blew my mind and opened my heart. I had to ask Jackie how she had trained them and hope to spread the inspiration.  


Watch my TEDx

Are you having trouble getting your child to sleep? In my TEDx I explain how children today in general sleep too little and why sleep deprivation among children is a major concern. I argue that as more and more parents are stressed out and feel disconnected we see children suffering from a range of mental health problems. Problems related to sleep are often the first sign that something is off. My book is now selling in more than 20 countries and each night thousands of children fall asleep inside their little love mountains while filling their hearts with love.