Are you ready to find out who won this week’s Facebook give away?

In a live video from Tuesday the 6th of June I gave instructions to how five of you could win a free download and one of you could win:

  • The Children’s Meditations In my Heart
  • Two little love clouds
  • And a dreamcatcher.

You can see the live sending below and scroll down to find out who won.

Get a chance to win The Children's Meditations In my Heart and accessories <3

Slået op af Room for Reflection International i 6. juni 2017

Are you among the winners?

The first five to comment and tag a friend in the giveaway have won a free download. The winners are:

  • Anita Heffernan Gannon
  • Kerry Kirwan Kenned
  • Roisin Magill
  • Keren Harel-Gordon
  • Patricia Crossley

I am also giving a free download to these beautiful souls who shared among the first five, but didn’t get the tag to work. Facebook isn’t allowing to tag while were are sending live, so it is a little tricky, and I want to help out. Congratulations to:

  • Elaine O Brien
  • Alison Hammond
  • Bridget Andy

The winner of the book, the dreamcatcher, and the two little clouds is (randomly picked):

  • Anita Heffernan Gannon

Congratulations on winning the prize shown below.


How to get your prize?

Please write an email to to get your download. Anita, please also give us your postal address. Wishing you all a wonderful time with the book. Feel free to share your excitement in a comment below.




Do you want the book

If you didn’t win you can go to our webshop and make sure to get a copy.