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FROM ‘Hygge’ to parenting, the Danish way of doing things is often widely talked about.“The Children’s Meditations In my Heart” is helping thousands of children fall asleep each night. Now available in three different languages, it is beginning to change bedtime routines the world over.

In my Heart


Now more than ever our children are bombarded with messages. Many children suffer with stress, depression, anxiety and sadness.

Sleep, or rather a difficulty in falling asleep, is one of the most obvious tell-tale signs that ‘something’s up’, and in general, children today sleep for one hour less than they did 25 years ago. With the help of this book you can help your child find the peace they need at bedtime to fall asleep. It is all about love. 

The book also helps you teach your child the importance of self-esteem and self-love, which will enable them to drift off into calming, reparative sleep, with their hearts full with love.

What if all children were taught to say goodnight to their hearts and fill their hearts with love every night? What would happen? How would that change the world? Let’s empower the next generation to listen to their beautiful hearts and make peaceful changes.

Four meditations in one book

The book gives you a collection of four meditations.

In the first meditation the child learns to fill up their heart with love and tune into the power of self-loving. I cannot emphasize enough the power of self-loving and self-caring.

In the second meditation you teach your child about the love and connection between you and emphasize the love you have for each other. Y

The much loved “Little Love Cloud” is presented in the third meditation. We teach the child that every time we think about them during the day we are sending our love to their little cloud. This meditation is especially good if the child misses someone they love.

In the fourth meditation the children are taught to share their love with the universe and share it with those less fortunate.


This book is selling in more than 20 countries. As more and more parents are desperate to help their children to sleep they find this book. Each night thousands of children fall asleep inside their love mountain while filling their hearts with love. For some families this book has been a complete game changer. Do you want to read the many testimonials from parents who love the book? 

Advice from the author 

1. Pick a time when you feel good and have energy to help your child deal with a new method to fall asleep.


2. Stay calm and loving in your energy even if your child has difficulties with the new method. Your energy, mood and way of communicating with your child highly affect how quickly he/she calms down.


3. Turn off all screens two hours before bedtime.


4. Lay down next to your child and show him/her you have time to read the book in a calm and cosy way. Snuggle up. And if you fall asleep yourself, you might need just that.


5. Talk to your child about the experience with meditation. Listen – there is a lot to learn. Encourage your child to draw the images or feelings he/she sees or experiences during meditation.

The journey you are about to embark on in energy with your child is so amazing. And I am so excited for you. Enjoy the ride to heartland with your child. My experience is that many children have a much easier time meditating to their hearts than adults. And in many ways children can help their parents turn up the love for themselves as well. I always encourage parents to pay attention to their child in meditation and learn from them. Listen to their wisdom.

Gitte Winter Graugaard

The author

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In my sleep training Masterclass: Loving Bedtime I help parents tune into the loving heart energy  that will help their children find peace and fall asleep with a smiling heart. In 8 lectures we talk about sleep, how the energy is around bedtime right now in your home and how you can turn things around to create a peaceful bedtime routine. I will teach you about the importance of sleep and show you different ways to use the book.