Here is today’s Q&A with Gitte Winter Graugaard from Room for Reflection

Gitte Winter Graugaard


“I often loose my temper in front of my kid. Afterwards it makes me both drained and sad. How can I learn to be more calm and parent as you say – more from my heart?”

As parents we often think we are supposed to know it all. We often react impulsively to a problem in the family and if we are not conscious it is very easy to get caught in our own emotions. Especially when we are tired or stressed out.

And who is better at trickering our emotions than our kids?

I have often wondered why the two little people I love the most, are also the ones that can bring out my largest temper. Our kids come with so many wonderful gifts to teach us. Some they will be conscious of and tell us about like an obvious talent in academics, cooking, sports or music.

Other gifts they bring more invisibly to us by holding the largest mirror in front of us so that we can see where we can grow as human beings, and where we can bring more light and more love into our lives, our families and societies.

We can shut our eyes when we don’t like the reflection in the mirror.

We can convince ourselves that we are the parents and we know best (we don’t necessarily and it is such a relief knowing that we don’t have to).

We can repeat our draining way of parenting day after day.

We can also pause!

Look in that mirror one more time!


Become conscious of what is actually going on a broader light

And then parent.

Often “sleeping on it” lets us parent differently and more consciously. If there is no immediate danger, we don’t have to react immediately. When we take time to reflect, become conscious of our own feelings, it is easier to see clear and parent from our hearts.

It is ok to say to a child: “I feel very emotional about this situation. Please, give me time to reflect and I will come back to you with an answer that I know is more aligned with the way I truly want to parent you”.

And when we express that we need time to calm down, reflect, and find the best in us – we parent by example and teach our children to:


calm down

and listen to their inner voices from their hearts guiding them through life.

There are so many voices screaming inside of us when we let our emotions take the best of us. I often find that those that scream the loudest are those based on fear. However, calming down allows us to listen to the more quiet, calm voices coming from our hearts. I speak more about this in the book Time to Rise and in this blog.

If you feel like you need help with turning your parenting around and you are ready to change, stay tuned as I will very soon launch a webinar on Conscious Parenting. You can also book a private coaching session online.


In my Heart teaches you a heart based way of parenting

Feel free to ask a question about conscious parenting and energy, and Gitte will do her best to answer.

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