And how can we prepare them to stand strong in a world full of robots?

Listen to this talk below from Big Think. What I hear is that we can help our children by teaching them to develop their interhuman skills, get into their creativity, know their inner values, and build emotional capacity.
By teaching our children mindfulness and meditation, we teach them all the stuff no robot is ever going to be able to compete with: love, breathing, human energy and vibration, imagination, connection, empathy etc.
Is it hard?
No, you can start today by beginning to pay attention to your own breathing and senses and help your child to get to know all the beauty you both have inside.
Did you watch Westworld on HBO with Anthony Hopkins? It a series about humans visiting a park full of robots all looking human, but have been programmed to play a role. Slowly they become more and more free and intelligent… and a lot of stuff is going on. The scenes are played out as cowboys on a prairie shooting each other a lot – almost like wild robots on the prairie. At night the robots are repaired and you see all their electronics underneath their thin skin. And every time I watch that I feel a little colder in my heart, when I see that.
Every cell in the human body is vibrating. We communicate from so many organs. Did you know that there are more messages going from the heart to the brain than the other way around.
So what we can do to prepare our children for a future full of robots is to make them feel vibrant, loved, and connected to one another.
Go to: to get started on child meditation.

America wants jobs, jobs, jobs. To get them, workers will have to compete with machines.

Opslået af Big Think på 13. november 2016

Photo: Daniel Cheung