Recommendations from Experts

As the book travels to more and more countries, child experts are also beginning to notice the book. Read below what they say.


“Amazing book. Simply inspirational. Bedtime stories that help you and your kids stay heart centered.”


Lorraine Murray

Child Meditation Expert, Teaching Children Meditation

Sum up of the beautiful recommendation of “The Children’s meditations In my Heart” from The Sue Atkins Parenting Show episode 12, March 2017.

“Wonderful book for children for relaxing, and sleeping. The artwork of the book is wonderful. You get your children to snuggle in, close their eyes, relax, and then you read this wonderful meditative and uplifting kind of visualization, which mentions their names and celebrates their uniqueness. Personally, I couldn’t think of a more wonderful way to fall asleep nurturing your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence. You calm your children down, help them relax and fall into a nice slumber.”

Listen to Sue talk about the book on her show episode 12:


Sue Atkins

Parenting Expert , Sue Atkins Parenting Expert

“Unlike most of the materials available on the market, this little book creates a loving, present moment between the child and the parent. It is not the child, who with the help of an app or CD, has a project ex. sleeping or handling needs – it is a joint project with mom and dad. Through the exercises in the book the parent helps the child develop the ability to comfort and soothe herself/ himself, which is essential at a time when we are separated many hours a day, and many children miss a parent due to for instance divorce. Exciting to develop a children material for unwanted thoughts and concerns!”


Stine Hæk


Great tool, which I will certainly use further in my practice with children who may find it difficult to calm down / find tranquility and for families who find it difficult to establish a clear and given context between mother / father and child.”


Marianne Munksgaard

Family Therapist, Familierummet