Do you often feel horrible after you have failed to be the parent you wish you could be all the time?

Here is today’s Q&A with Gitte Winter Graugaard from Room for Reflection

Gitte Winter Graugaard


“Today I yelled at my son and sent him to his room. I really lost it. My parents always yelled at me, and I didn’t like it. Now I am the one yelling – and I still don’t like it. What can I do to change?”
We all make mistakes as parents. And nobody is perfect. However, when we do, we are given a perfect opportunity to teach our children how to apologize. And when we explain why we react in a certain way we become more conscious of our patterns ourselves, and can begin to slowly change them if we wish to.
A good question to ask in those moments of feeling lost in parenting is: “what would love do?”.
And try also to be kind to yourself – even though you feel like you failed. That will teach you children about kindness to themselves when they fail in life. And when we meet our own mistakes and failures with love, they are much easier to handle and learn and grow from.

Feel free to ask a question about conscious parenting and energy, and Gitte will do her best to answer.

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