What to do – when your child is experiencing hard times, but won’t listen to you.

Here is today’s Q&A with Gitte Winter Graugaard from Room for Reflection

Gitte Winter Graugaard



“I saw your post yesterday on what love would do. My 12 y o daughter is going through some tough times. I am divorced from her father. My daughter feels lonely and is quite alienated. However, I think it is more in her head than reality. She has friends at school. But she gets frustrated. When she comes to me for advice she often yells at me and I feel I am walking on eggshells not to tricker her. That often makes her scream even more at me. I don’t know what to do…”.

Often when our children come to us they want to make sure that we are there to help them and guide them through their storms. So when you are walking on eggshells you turn your energy volume down to avoid clashes. You dim your light. However, she is searching for you to guide her. And she can’t see you through the waves and the fog of her mind. So she screams even louder to find and feel you. Because you are her lighthouse.

When she comes to talk about her problems, take a breath, and just listen to her. While you listen you tune into your love and light and when you find it – turn it up and beam it to her from your heart. She will feel it immediately.

It is sometimes tricky to find your peace to switch the energy, especially if you get upset, but when you do it works like a charm.

I also encourage you to read The Children’s Meditations in my Heart to her to teach her about self-love and acceptance.

The book trains you in switching your energy into love. Be her lighthouse of love .”


Go get the book

Feel free to ask a question about conscious parenting and energy, and Gitte will do her best to answer.

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