What to do – when your child is experiencing hard times, but won’t listen to you.

Here is today’s Q&A with Gitte Winter Graugaard from Room for Reflection

Gitte Winter Graugaard

“I have always stayed with my 5 year old until he falls asleep. In the night he comes to sleep with us. Recently, he only wants me and wakes up with huge anxiety when I leave. My husband used to be just as good but now my son only wants me. It is becoming a burden to do all the bedtimes. I am happy to give him what ever he needs in the way of comfort/love/security but I am worried about it getting worse. What can we do?”

Children go through so many different stages and they explore more and more on their own. They can be busy doing a lot of different things during day and forget to come for hugs and kisses. Then at night they remember and need the attention. Maybe try to hug him more during his daytime when you are with him. And pay attention to your energy when you do bedtime. He can easily feel if you feel it is becoming a burden and he might hang on a to you even more.

When you read a book like The Children’s Meditations in my Heart you share your special love at bedtime and your child is reassured and feels safe. That often means that you don’t need to spend so much time in the room – because it is quality time. And that makes it less of a burden. My experience is that the more we reassure our children that we are always here for them – the less they cling to us.

Go get the book

Feel free to ask a question about conscious parenting and energy, and Gitte will do her best to answer.

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