Dreamcatchers can help your child feel safe at night while dreaming and direct attention to good dreams. This one is approximately 12 cm wide.

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At night we dream a lot of dreams. Our minds process everything that happens in our lives.

Old sayings have taught us that dreamcatchers can catch the bad dreams in its web, and let the good dreams flow down on the feathers to the person lying under the dreamcatcher.

When the light of tomorrow once again dances through your window, the sun dissolves the bad dreams caught in the web and makes them vanish.

Our dreamcatchers are produced for us in Nepal as a part of a charity project. They are handmade. When you buy a dreamcatcher at Room for Reflection you help support local women in Nepal. They are all different and unique.









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8 cm colorful string natural feathers, 8 cm white string brown beads natural feathers, 13-15 cm white string and natural feathers, 13-15 cm white string and colored feathers


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