The Children’s Meditations In my Heart (PDF)

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Download this beautiful collection of four bedtime stories and send your child to dreamland with his or her heart full of love. You will receive a link to download on your computer or tablet.



Download the book that has made Danish children sleep much faster and better. The stories give families a language of love full of symbols that help children in a busy day with absence from their parents.

13 reviews for The Children’s Meditations In my Heart (PDF)

  1. Eva, Croatia

    Your book is amazing!!! And it also came into our lives just at the right time. We desperately needed the meditations at this point. The kids love it and I am seeing the almost immediate transformations with my girls and our relationship. And we are still only at the first meditation! we are very much looking forward to go through it all, it’s like going on a love adventure ?❤❤❤. I am absolutely going to announce it on my fb profile for all my other friends to see. Everyone should have one in their home ?. Again,, thank you so much for this gift?. You are doing an amazing job. Bit by bit you are helping to change the world ? ❤❤❤?

  2. Mother in Canada (verified owner)

    “They say a modern person gets as many stimuli in one day as our grandparents got in an entire year.” – Gitte Winter Graugaard

    Take time each day to step out of the stimuli wind tunnel and share some meaningful moments with your kids.

    My friend has published her book of children’s meditations in English in PDF form (no shipping fees and instant access!), and it’s now available in Canada and the U.S. from her website. When we want to grow our muscles we go to the gym, when we want to grow our minds we go to school. Help your children (or your grandchildren) learn how to grow their hearts!

    Thank you Gitte Winter Graugaard, you’ve given us a map to ‘heartland’ and the population is growing!

  3. Mother (verified owner)

    I’ve just read the first meditation to my 4 year old and although she was messing about a bit (a new thing!) she soon settled and actually really opened up and talked about the colour and size of her heart and said her heart had been sad and cold because she’d missed me today (I treated myself to a mummy pamper day for the first time in ages!)
    She hasn’t been going to sleep at bedtimes and often gets up after she’s finished her milk bottle which she still has as a comfort but it’s all very quiet and calm up there! Thank you! Really fabulous meditation! Xxxxx

  4. UK Mother (verified owner)

    My kids have gone to sleep peacefully as opposed to messing and chatting after their bedtime story. It’s great, they love it too.

  5. Mother (verified owner)

    We’ve been using “The heart stories” as my daughter calls them in a month’s time. She has been asking for them every day since she heard the first story. Every day!

    We’ve practised that she can fill her heart with love when she is going through hard stuff at school. From being very fragile and sick to her stomach when she was in school, and several times collapsing – she is now on the third week the happy and vibrant girl, we know. And now she thinks it’s great to have started at school.

    The meditations have really helped us. And with my own knowledge of meditation and mindfulness, I am pretty excited about how the stories are written.

    But most of all I love that they have helped my daughter back on track. Thanks ♡.

  6. Mother (verified owner)

    Just did the first one. Son asleep minutes after and so calm. I also feel brilliant. These are amazing.

  7. Mother

    We love the stories, they are lovely way to end the day ♥️.

  8. mother in UK (verified owner)

    Well, this is just amazing. I’ve had the most lovely time with my children tonight. They went to sleep with their hearts full of love and cannot wait for the next instalment tomorrow night. Thank you so much ??

  9. parent (verified owner)

    It is a lovely book and we all like it, congratulations and thank you for sharing. I wish you extraordinary success with it.

  10. Sandra, UK Mother (verified owner)

    A lovely collection of beautiful stories to share with your children together. If we start today and make an effort to educate our children about the workings of our mind, heart and emotions, they will see a different, peaceful, more compassionate world. Room for Reflection are truly inspiring. Every home should have a copy.

  11. Mother in UK

    My daughter loved it and fell asleep so blissfully after a difficult day. So thank you.

  12. Parent, Ireland (verified owner)

    Both my son and myself are already feeling the benefits of your beautiful stories, what a wonderful gift to the world. Thanks from our hearts to yours ❤️

  13. Mother (verified owner)

    Thank you so much Gitte. Delighted to have it – it is really lovely in its content and essence – a wonderful gift to children
    wishing you every blessing and success in your work!”

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