The Children’s Meditations In my heart have a new beautiful audience that grows steadily larger – unborn children.The book is used for prenatal sessions where parents through the meditations can connect to their child in the womb.

The thought warms my heart – so touching and beautiful. As small love bridges being shaped between the parents and the unborn child.

At one point I had a klient for a meditation who wanted to relate and attach more to the child in her womb. Together we built a love bridge and connected the mother’s heart to the heart of the child and let the mother send and receive love through this channel – just like we do in the second meditation in the book. It was a very beautiful experience.

I would like to hear from you if you tried the book for prenatal sessions, how you experienced it. I also know that the book is being used by doulas and in prenatal classes. Would love to hear from you at or below.


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