Parental coaching and mentoring

Gitte offers parental coaching and mentoring at her office in Denmark and online for her international followers. She coaches on parental issues and conscious parenting. It could be on one of the following topics:

  • Bedtime routines
  • Bring more mindfulness into your way of parenting
  • How to stay more calm and present when you parent
  • Family energy
  • Positive parenting

You can book 30 minutes or 1 hour and the session can be recorded.


30 minutes – 55 GBP / 70 USD

60 minutes – 115 GBP / 150 USD

How to book?

In order to book a session, please email to info@roomforreflection.com

Do you want more?

Did you finish the online course or reading one of my books, and are you thinking – I want more?

Once we tune into the heart energy, meet our loved ones heart to heart, get a glimpse of the soul, and see our potential when tapping into love, we often want more. Is that you?

Let’s get started on your exclusive energy training. Begin by booking an online session with Gitte. She can teach you about a specific problem or more in general help you grow in vibration, teach your more about your energy and how it is affecting not only your child but your entire way of living.  Gitte is a mentor to people who want to grow and expand and tune more into their heart’s energy. She is helping people grow into more love and light, just like we were when we came here. Once we understand and reconnect to this way of living, everything becomes so much clearer, with so much more meaning, connection and sense of belonging. From here anything can grow.

Gitte is a Life Mastery Coach and Mindfulness Instructor, a energy and vibrational mentor and a bestselling author. She lives in Denmark, coaches from her office, online and by special request privately abroad as well.