I have a new booklet for you. I have been working with my team on a translation for you and it is ready for download as a pdf from the website. Later it will also be available as paperback. 

I published The Valley of Hearts last year in Danish, and I have been eager to also be able to share it with you in English. It will come in English as booklets in a series of five. The first booklet is ready and the next four will be published throughout the coming year giving you time to dwell on each booklet. Everything is so fast today. And I really like slow. 

The valley is full of thousands of Danish kids all eager to bid our international friends – you and your children welcome. It is truly a magical place for children to go to at the end of a busy day to unwind and find peace.

I wrote the booklets because I was curious to find out why children can’t sleep today. What is keeping them awake? And how can we help them cleanse their minds and stop their many thoughts from keeping them awake?

The journey into this beautiful valley has been truly magical for me, my own children – who still ask to go every night, and for my many Danish readers. I love working with the elements fire, water, earth and air on myself and with my clients. When I saw the effect balancing your energy with the elements has on adults, I immediately wanted to teach children to do the same – to learn from an early age that they are nature. And boy are they good at it. They are so much more connected to nature and to themselves than the adults I work with. I love it. And if they stay connected, it will help them immensely when they grow up. 

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In this video I introduce you to the Valley: