By Gitte Winter Graugaard

By Gitte Winter Graugaard

Writer, coach and mentor

Gitte is a Danish bestselling writer of several books with child meditations that help parent connect to their hearts and parent consciously.  

Are you also very interested in more meditation, mindfulness and yoga at our children’s schools?

Watch this interview with my good friend, who is also a huge inspiration to me, Jackie Wilson, from Empower Education. Jackie is based in Nottingham, UK. She is a Keynote Speaker in schools, colleges, universities and educational events and is also co-founder of The Positively Empowered Kids Festival, which I was so lucky to attend i June i Nottingham.

After the festival Jackie took me to a Junior High School she has been working with, and I got to teach the children a bit of heart meditation. The children were amazing and I could tell from my experience with them that the training they had received from Jackie must have been brilliant. They were so attentive, openminded, concentrated and ready to spread H E A R T L I G H T. It made me curious to know more about Jackie and how she trains these children. So I set up an interview to ask her about it and hear more about her passion and projects. Pour a cup of tea, find a cozy place to sit. You are going to want to watch this to the end. 

Thank you for shining your light so brightly, Jackie!


Did you like the video? Let us hear in a comment below what your thoughts are after the interview? Would you also like more meditation, mindfulness and yoga at schools? What are the current situation with mindfulness at schools in your home country? Also feel free to ask questions. If you liked the content, make sure to share it with a friend. Thank you for spending time with us. 


Go to these websites below to learn more and get in contact with Jackie if you are ready to be part of her BIG mission: 


Do you want to know more about my academy, The Momo Academy:  

Free Heart Meditation


The book I based my HEARTLIGHT training of the kids in Nottingham on, is my book The Children’s Meditations in my Heart. Go to my Free Meditation page to download the first meditation for free to get started with your children at home or if you work with children. 

The photo above of Jackie from the festival is by Jo Welch.