“I wanted my children to hear the songs of the universe”.

So I said in my recent TEDx in the UK. 

When children feel connected to the Universe they will automatically connect the dots and understand how to connect to the Universe we have inside.

We are one. One love.

The fourth meditation in The Children’s Meditations in my heart is all about connecting with the Universe with love.

From the introduction to the fourth meditation, “With the Universe, I share my love”:

“When we begin working with the feeling of belonging together in the universe and sense that we can affect each other’s lives through love, we create a wonderful feeling of cohesion and unity, which is much nicer than the individualistic and somewhat tough, performance- focused approach that many people in our generation grew up with”

Watch my TEDx below to find out more: 

From the book:

Stars mean many things to us, and we attach many emotions to stars.  A few clever scientists even think that we are made from no less than stardust. In that way, we can say that we are shiny stars ourselves. Our inner light shines when we listen to our hearts and trust that the voice of our heart is true. Imagine if you light your inner light in your heart with your love and a star is watching down at you thinking “what a beautiful, loving child full of light.”


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