The Children’s Meditations In my heart open a very special channel between parents and children. When we start to focus on the love in our family so intensely as reading The Children’s Meditations In my Heart often leads to many wonderful things begin to happen. The more we focus on the good stuff we have in life, the more good stuff we get. That is a wonderful mechanism. Furthermore, many families experience that the book turns up the love in the family – both for children and parents. Many parents buy the book to help their children and as a huge benefit end up also helping themselves to more love – and most importantly more self-love.

Another big benefit of the book is the language of love that comes along when you start meditating with your child with this book. The book gives families a language to talk about love and feelings that develop into many beautiful talks about life and love. And in this process there is SO MUCH we can learn from our children.

The children easily connect with the language of love – which by the way in so many ways have proven to be a universal language of love<3. They talk about their beautiful hearts and all the love that lives inside of them. We strongly encourage you to make them draw their hearts and the cloud etc. See a beautiful drawing my youngest daughter did when she was four of our family with our clouds of love as a natural part of her drawing below.

The children can also express the darker sides of life through the book. Many parents get a little scarred when their children talk about cold or small hearts for instance after a challenging day or when they get to know the book and might be in a troubled period of their lives. I hope to inspire parents to acknowledge the pain in the heart, which children can describe as scratches on the heart, small hearts, cold hearts, colourless hearts or the like – and teach the children that life brings us challenges which we will grow from. The best thing we can do after a troubled day is to fill our hearts with love. No matter how difficult the day has been we can always fill our hearts with love at bedtime, and begin the next day full of love.

In this way we teach our children that a BIG, warm, colourful heart is all we need for a happy life.

Please comment below if you have questions in this regard and I will try to answer them the best I can.

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Story to the drawing:

When my youngest daughter was four she was asked to draw her family at kindergarten. When I picked her up her teacher showed me her drawing and asked me why we have rainbows over our heads in our family. I didn’t know so I asked my daughter, who had known the stories of “In my heart” for some months by then. She looked at me – the way children can look at their parents with a big question mark on their face – because they simply cannot understand that we can ask such a simple question – and answered: “The rainbows are of course our clouds of love, mum. When you enter the green door you are in the cloud of love (yellow) and then you are right there in the middle of all the love (red)”. In the following months the rainbows turned into red circles on each of our shoulder in many beautiful drawings. She identified so much with her cloud of love that it belonged in all the drawings. Your child gets to know her cloud of love in the third meditation in “In my Heart”

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