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The Dalai Lama once said: “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation we will eliminate violence within one generation”. The many tools we get from filling our hearts with love from childhood will make a BIG difference in the lives of our precious children.

When I saw the profound effect these stories had on my children and how quickly I could help them to sleep, I knew I had to write this book. Have you searched the internet for solutions to help your child sleep, you need not search no more. At least not outside yourself. I will take you on an inner search to help you feel your love to child at bedtime, and tuck them in a blanket of love. No more searching. This method is all about love, light and energy. The method works across borders, cultures in + 20 countries and all it takes is to tune into the love for your child.

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Do you want to change the bedtime routine in your family? Is the fighting about bedtime exhausting for both you and your child? Would you love to send your child to dreamland covered in a blanket of love? Are you ready to learn parental tips that will change the way you parent forever, make so many things more easy and create a stronger bond between you and your children?