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Testimonials from happy parents: 

"In bed 15 minutes and asleep. It usually takes over 2 hours by the time she falls asleep. Thank you Room for Reflection for In my heart.”

“This book is not just a book. It is life inspiring choice that I feel every child should be given a chance to see. I am a mum of two beautiful girls the oldest is three. It is now that I wish to show her and fill her with the hope and magic of this world. I myself have only began to see the true magic in love in recent years but I want my children, all children to know their true power and value. This book is an amazing tool for that.”

“These meditations are beautiful and unique. The imagery that is created is wonderful and the meaningful connections made are so special. I love that not only does it allow children to process their feelings of the day and know that they are immensely loved but it enables them to love themselves. They foster feelings of security and help to develop empathy. These meditations are relaxing and fulfilling not only for the child but the adult too! The messages are sometimes what I need to hear at the end of the day. My four year old son loves them and often talks about the imagery as well as creating his own artwork from them. They’ve been particularly helpful since he has started school. Highly recommended."

This has worked wonders with my son who suffers from anxiety at bedtime

“Hope they publish a trilogy, this book is a work of art.”

“I have bought your book "in my heart". I have been reading for the past 2 nights with success. My children have slept through the night.”

“Your book is so meaningful to us. It beholds words. It’s like our hugs and two hearts are wrapped around each other."

"Your book calms my child after anxious times at school. Bought it when he was being hit by some boys at 5 years old. He’s too kind to retaliate. The cloud calms him. Need to get the key ring !! Xx."

"We have this book - my 6 year old son ask for it every night as he loves it. It's also really helping me as a restorative practice at the end of a busy day as a working Mum. Xx.”

“So far so good, exactly what I hoped and more” The Children’s Meditations In my Heart arrived yesterday and I was so pleased with it as I read through it. It was exactly what I’d hoped and tonight was first night I read it to my son. He’s an anxious child at times and can have difficulty going to sleep. Couldn’t believe he was asleep by the end of the second page.”

“Yes! I have read one every night to my son for the past 4 weeks. They are amazing!”

“My 7 year old has Autism and Adhd and suffers very bad with anxiety, the last 3mths it has taking him longer to get to sleep sometimes 11.30 pm. I read him the first story tonight for the first time and he didn’t get back out of bed and he was asleep on 10mins long may it last. Thank you."

"Your book is amazing!!! And it also came into our lives just at the right time. We desperately needed the meditations at this point. The kids love it and I am seeing the almost immediate transformations with my girls and our relationship. And we are still only at the first meditation! we are very much looking forward to go through it all, it’s like going on a love adventure. I am absolutely going to announce it on my fb profile for all my other friends to see. Everyone should have one in their home. Again, thank you so much for this gift. You are doing an amazing job. Bit by bit you are helping to change the world."