Educate the heart of your child

Feels like coming home
The energy coming from filling your heart with love is so powerful and magnetic.

Everything I am today I am because my parents raised me in a loving, comforting, safe environment.

As a writer, publisher and webshop-owner I need to make many decisions every day in multiple shades of subjects. From writing about a cloud of love – to choosing it-platforms.

Behind all my decisions listening to my heart is my most important tool. If I didn’t have the ability to fill my heart with love and listen to the messages from my heart – I believe I would get lost quite often and stressed out. And I wouldn’t be able to build and run my company.

Educating the hearts of our children is also just giving them time to relax and getting to know their feelings inside.

Journey back from Brainland to Heartland

So many adults have forgotten how to listen to their hearts and need to be taught how to do this again. The forgotten wisdom of the heart has led to societies full of stress and depression – even in Denmark – the world’s seemingly most happy country.

Our children are so young and their gift is that they have not yet forgotten to listen to their hearts. They are still in “Heartland”. But if we as parents are not conscious parents and if we don’t listen to our hearts and run around so busily in “Brainland”, there is a risk that our children will move with us from “Heartland” to “Brainland”. Because our children want to be where we are – for good or for worse. They are so loyal and they are so influenced by the way we live our lives.

By reading the Children’s Meditations In My Heart with your child you get a beautiful opportunity to visit your child’s “Heartland” – so pure – so loving – so beautiful. When we adults and children visit our “Heartland” it feels like “coming home” to ourselves, which is the most comforting feeling in the world. And a feeling so many people are longing for. When you feel at home in your body – anything is possible. That is the superpower of self-love. And it is SO important for the future generations to understand because everything goes so fast nowadays and it so easy to get lost.

Feeling at home in your body

Feeling at home in your body and filling your heart with self-love means a lot to your soul. The less you feel at home in your body, the more your soul wanders. The more you feel at home in your body the more your soul stays with you. The difference between people who often get lost and those who always seem to find direction is that the latter get so much guidance from their soul every day. The soul feels like staying in the body and giving advice when the heart and the mind are in balance. To build a loving home for your soul in your body is all about self-loving. Your heart is so full of love and you can always come back to ”Heartland”. If you have been living in “Brainland” for a while even many years, it might take a little longer, but you can get there. On this journey always remember that if you start to criticize yourself, you are back up in “Brainland”. You can know this, because there is no such thing as criticism in the heart – it is full of support, love, and care.

Because our children are born in ”Heartland” and if they have not yet moved up to “Brainland” which unfortunately for many young people already happens around high school age, you can learn SO much from your child. So please watch your child as you read The Children’s Meditations In My Heart and learn from your child. Turn the first meditation into a daily affirmation:

“My heart is full of love”

If you have a teenager who already has moved up into “Brainland” and is stressed out in life already – please know that his/her path back to “Heartland” is easier to find with a little guidance from you because of his/her young age.

I wish you all a WONDERFUL trip to HEARTLAND.

Please, educate the hearts of your children and by doing so also your own.

Much love from Denmark

Gitte Winter Graugaard





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