I have been coaching young people lately with the same issue. They feel that their teachers or parents misunderstand them and feel they don’t belong.

Most teenagers know the feeling of sticking out, but this is different. These kids are not asking for attention. They have strong energies, which are picked up by adults around them, and often misunderstood.

One could expect that adults would know how to behave. But when it comes to energy and light, the roles can easily be switched around. When it comes to understanding energies and how we are affected by each other, children can be wiser and more pure than adults.

A child who is full of confidence and knows how to let her/his inner light shine can provoke adults, who have trouble letting their own light shine.

Mirror mirror

The mirror neurons of our brains don’t understand the difference between mirroring a child or an adult.

“Mirror neurons are the only brain cells we know of that seem specialized to code the actions of other people and also our own actions. They are obviously essential brain cells for social interactions. Without them, we would likely be blind to the actions, intentions and emotions of other people.” Neuroscientist Marco Lacoboni in The Scientific American.

A teacher or a parent who for many reasons has led his/her inner light be dimmed over the years, might mirror the light in a strong child, and this reflection might make the teacher or parent feel bad. Consciously or more often unconsciously the teacher might react to the child in a improper way because of this. Because of the hierarchy between an adult and a child this can over time lead the child to dim her/his light, because the child gets in trouble when the light is too bright.

Let the light shine

This generation of children is said to be strong, powerful children with a strong idea of what they want. Our job as parents, teachers and caregivers is to raise the children to fill their hearts with love and let their light shine even brighter. We mustn’t be so provoked by their light, that we try to dim it. Let’s instead be inspired by the next generation and stop dimming our own light and begin to shine even brighter.

The world surely needs all the light we can spread.

For this reason The Children’s Meditations In My Heart is also very popular among teenagers. Please read them to your teenagers too. If their light has already started to dim, these meditations will turn up the love in their hearts and with the love comes the light.

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