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Speaking topics

The talks are always adapted to the target group in either Danish or English and could be based on the following topics:

Children and sleep

Based on her bestselling book, “The Children’s Meditations In my heart”, which has sold in +20,000 copies and today helps children in +20 countries fall asleep, Gitte shares insights about child meditation and sleep. Hear why it is so important that our children sleep enough and how we can help them. Lack of sleep in children and adolescents is an overlooked problem that has major consequences – also for the social economy. Also, hear how the book creates the type of presence and love in the families that all children across cultures crave.

Children and nature

Gitte talks about her book “The Valley of Hearts – Meditations for Children”. Hear how we can teach our children to get closer to nature and take better care of them selves and mother nature by connecting. The book teaches children and parents how to mirror our minds and characteristics in nature and get help from nature to find a natural and healthy balance. Bring children to the Valley of Hearts and teach them to find their inner resources so they can balance themselves in a stressful everyday life which is a consequence of being a child of the Digital Age. 

Children and creativity

Based on Gitte’s two books with children’s meditations, conversations with parents and experiences with her own children after meditation, Gitte explains how meditation can lead to more creativity for our children at home and at school. She also talks about how our modern society and social media destroy creativity and what we can do to get back on the track. Let’s help generation Ipad stay creative! 

Creativity – yes please!

Why aren’t we as creative as we could be? What interferes with our creativity? What does it take to make us more creative? How can we create products of our creativity? And how do we get them all the way to the market? Based on Gitte’s own story as a creative entrepreneur, you hear her story of how she graduated from Copenhagen Business Schoolas as an ambitious woman ready for corporate world, and after four years of maternity ended up writing children’s books. Gitte is a mentor for creative entrepreneurs, and currently operates three companies with exports to 20 countries.

Being a present parent every day

What does it take to create more presence and more love in the daily life of the busy families? Time seems to be lacking everywhere. And it affects our children. Stress among children is increasing. How do we get more time together? How do we turn up the everyday love? What is family energy? And why should we make sure we don’t become a satellite family spread out without any glue? How do we create the glue that pulls the kids out of the screens and into the core of the family? Gitte speaks about how we can pause and get much more out of the unique time we have together with our children. 

Listen to your heart

Learn to listen more to your heart. Turn up the passion and the everyday magic. In this talk, Gitte tells us more about why so many of us have low self-esteem and what it takes to get more self-love. When we know more about our love for others, we can learn to love ourselves in the sam way. When we truly understand the depths of selv-loving there are no limits to what we can accomplish. Life with self-love is magical.

Pictures from are lectures on the Isle of Wight in England in May 2018, where Gitte talked about childhood meditation and sleep.

“Hearing Gitte’s presentation was such a multi-dimensional experience! Gitte truly embodies creativity as such, and you can sense it in so many ways: In her role as a brilliant story-teller, in the way she understands and shares the heart of creativity, in the way she integrates it in the very practical aspects of life and work and last but not least in the generous way she responds to questions and offers solutions. There is no doubt – Gitte is genuinely passionate about helping her audience bring forth their creative powers – and that’s exactly what happens when she speaks. She literally ignites our (often lost) creative spark and leaves us with concrete ideas and motivation to continue keeping it alive. Thank you, Gitte!”

Halina Goldstein

Founder, Awakening To Joyful Living and the Joy Keepers Network

“I love the heart-business combination that Gitte brings in her delivery on stage. She is authentic and bringing her A-game! Gitte sharing her own journey from writing a diary to being a globally published author was exactly the ‘you can do it’ injection I needed!”

Helene Philipsen

Gitte is an awesome speaker. Her teaching has generated a lot of good talks at our home about parenting. As a family, we have taken many things onwards and have been provided wonderful tools to strengthen our sense of community at home.


I was blown away by your presentation on creativity. I have been following you for years – but had no idea what a brilliant speaker you are! Thank you so much. You inspired me to be more creative.

You are an AMAZING speaker!

OMG you were brilliant on stage. I was blown away!

Gitte speaks with sparkling eyes and lots of love.

A little taster from Real Self Love Days in Copenhagen, June 2018. I spoke about Self love and Creativity.


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