As parents we get up everyday and strive to do our best to help our children. Some days are better than others. And most often it has to do with how much energy we have. If we don’t pay attention to our own energy level we can quickly run out of energy. Add to that the demands from society and social media we see the stress level of modern family life increasing dramatically. So when the day is about to end and both child and parent are exhausted, bedtime can turn into a nightmare. And it doesn’t really matter if you have a baby, child og teenager. 

So many parents struggle at bedtime that children in general today sleep one hour less than 25 years ago, which has severe impact on their health and mental well-being. 

Becoming a mother myself I quickly learned that my energy affected my kids both negatively and positively. And when I saw the profound effect consciously sharing my heart’s energies with my children through meditation at bedtime had on them, I wrote my book, The Children’s Meditations In my Heart.

It works for babies, children as well as teenagers – because we all long for love. Your baby might not yet contemplate the words of a meditation but is already a master detective in understanding your energy. And meditation is all about energy. The book helps an exhausted parent at bedtime switch her energy into a loving energy, even if you have never meditated before yourself.

Your teenager might not want to cuddle up with you anymore, but also long to hear those loving words from a loving parent. Go a bit more gentle on your teenager and you might feel your hearts melt together as before once again.

And your child knows you so well, and will feel your switch in energy immediately. And once you practise “The Switch” at bedtime you will be able to use it during the day as well to comfort your baby and re-energize yourself. Because nothing is as healing as loving.

So how can the same book work so well on babies, children as well as teenagers? Because all children mirror the energy of their parents and loves to hear about their inner beauty and the power of their hearts.The one thing all humans have in common is a deep desire to be loved and feel that we are not alone. Babies are never alone in the belly, but all of a sudden all alone and fragile out in our big scary world if not held closely. And they immediately understand the difference in being held by their parents when they are present, loving, calm and when they are not. Well it is still the same for teenagers. The world is still scary and big. The only difference is that now they understand better how fragile life is. The energy is the same. And heart energy is just as comforting for a baby as a teenager. In the end we all just want to be loved.

Here is a little guide to help you out whether your child is a baby, child or teen.

Tips and tricks to make it work with a baby or a child!

  1. Shut off all screens two hours before your baby (or child) is going to sleep.
  2. Give your baby a warm bath or/and a gentle massage with some lovely oil.
  3. Lay down with your baby in a place, where the baby can keep on sleeping. Dim the lights. Relax. Breathe. Take your time. Enjoy a quiet moment in your busy day.
  4. Read the book to your baby and feel the energy in your heart.
  5. Pay attention to your child and see how the shift into your heart energy affects your child.
  6. Enjoy the trip to heartland with your child. These are the memories you will cherish the most, when your house is oh so quiet and your babies have left your nest.

Tips and tricks to make it work with a teenager! 

  1. Create a loving vibe around the house at supper. 
  2. Shut off your screens. Talk to your teenager about their day, listen, and be present. Build trust.
  3. Encourage your teenager to shut of their screen 1 hour before bedtime.
  4. Ask if you can read a special story to your teenager. Reassure your child that this stays between the two of you and create an atmosphere of trust. Tell him or her that you just want to let them know how muh you love them and that you know how much they can do with their lives if they understand the power of their heart and get to know their inner world.
  5. Sit on the bed, snuggle up under the blanket if you get permission or sit on a chair close by.
  6. Dim the lights. Relax. Breathe. Take your time. Enjoy a quiet moment in your busy day. Try not to be shy if this is new to you.
  7. Read the book to your teenager and feel the energy in your heart.
  8. Pay attention and see how the shift into your heart energy affects your child.
  9. Enjoy the trip to heartland with your grown up child. There is still time to make room for special heart to heart meetings in your everyday life.

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