Thank you for showing interest in my big passion: Children’s meditations.

The world today is spinning so fast. Our children are constantly bombarded with impressions. Children today are no more fragile than we were when we were kids. However, they live more stressful lives, have too little time to rest, don’t sleep enough, eat processed food, sit too still, meet high demands, and spend less time with their parents. Growing up in the digital age is tough for our children.

We need to find ways to slow down, become conscious parents, and teach our children about their inner resources, the needs of their bodies and the power of their beautiful hearts.

Tuning into our energy as parents is so important. We communicate with so much more than just our words. Becoming aware of our own energy and beginning to parent ourselves before we parent our children is key to thriving as a parent. And thriving parents often raise thriving kids.

As a mother, trained Energy Mentor, Conscious Transformational Teacher, Life Mastery Coach, and Mindfulness Instructor I am passionate to teach parents about energies and help you as a parent or caregiver to teach children about the art of self-loving.

When children are taught about the power of their hearts, we give them the ability to balance the impressions they get from society with their inner values.


When we help them to listen to their intuition and turn up their self-love, we give them the tools

they need to thrive in life. Thriving children are the ones who grow up with

the power to one day make a difference.


As a writer, I love to write stories to children that can help them grow into the beautiful, strong, conscious human beings in touch with their souls they were born to be. I have written several books in Danish. The first one to be translated into English is “The Children’s Meditations In my Heart”. The sequel “Valley of Hearts” will be published in Danish in 2017 followed by an English translation.

The Children’s Meditations In my Heart is translated from Danish to English and Spanish. The book is selling in 21 different countries teaching thousands of children to fall asleep with their hearts full of love – inspiring parents to do the same.


Meet author Gitte Winter below. Hear why she wrote The Children’s Meditations In my Heart and learn how important our energy as parents are to help our children thrive.