An Introduction – the five step method

Do you read my books to groups of children? I have a few tips and tricks for you here.

1. When I teach meditation in groups I find that some lay down immediately, some move about, and some have a very hard time engaging. It often turns out that those who have the hardest time engaging in the meditation need meditation the most. So please be patient.

2. If more pupils sit next to each other and make fun of the meditation, I often move over and sit down in between them. If I know the children I will softly place a hand on them to help them relax and feel their body. I will also try to share my deep-rooted energy with them to help them relax.

3. If you read the meditation in your class and some pupils begin to yawn, it is a good signal. Encourage them to keep on yawning. In a class setting it can be a signal of impoliteness related to boredom to yawn, so some pupils will find it embarrassing. In a meditation yawning is a good thing.

4. Also, small bodily noises can occur from the stomach as we shift from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system. Again, you can help your pupils by saying it is very normal that our body expresses the joy of a break by sending small sounds as we begin to relax.

5. I never force children to take part in meditation, but I will ask them to be quiet to not disturb their friends, who might need the meditation. The more calm you are – the better.

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We are very close to publishing my third book in English – the next in The Valley of Heart booklet series called The Flamedancer’s fire – teaching kids to tend to their inner fire (recommendable for parents too).