Help your child to sleep - no drama needed - only love

Bedtime meditation is magical

“This book is not just a book. It is life inspiring choice that I feel every child should be given a chance to see.”

“In bed 15 minutes and asleep. It usually takes over 2 hours by the time she falls asleep. Thank you Room for Reflection for In my heart.”

“This has worked wonders with my son who suffers from anxiety at bedtime.”

“Your book calms my child after anxious times at school.” 

Meditation at school is the future

See our wonderful books with meditations for children in multiple languages: 

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This is my hope for families all over the world 

Meet the author

Gitte Winter Graugaard is based in Denmark, but works internationally as a bestselling author, public speaker, Lightworker, mentor, mindfulness instructor, and Life Mastery Coach. She is also the founder of the Momo Academy bringing mindfulness, yoga and meditation into the danish schools. A platform soon to go international as well.

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