The Children’s Meditations In my Heart

The beautiful bedtime stories in “In my heart” are a language of love to parents and children. Download the four meditations as a PDF and read them to your child as a guided visualisation. Nothing is more calming for your child than listening to your familiar voice reading a story about your great love in your family. The children have closed eyes and are invited to use their imagination to create the landscape of the meditations. However, the four stories have also been illustrated by the Peruvian artist Elsie Ralston, who calls “In my heart” a small BIG revolution of love.


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As parents, we are full of love for our children and we think of them many times during the day, also when we are separated because of work, business, traveling, divorce or illness. In a busy day, many parents do not always have the time or take the time to tell their children about all the loving thoughts they have towards them. With these meditations you can create a mindful bedtime. What better way to end your child’s day than by talking about love?

“The Children’s Meditations: In my heart” are written by the Danish author, coach and Heartcore mentor, Gitte Winter Graugaard. Thousands of families in Denmark are reading the stories and have shared so many wonderful stories of how the children easily fall asleep, how they love the stories and how calming the stories are. Over and over again, we hear how the stories have given families a new and wonderful language of love – full of symbols easy to use during the day.

“My children have now fallen asleep with their hearts full of love several times. We have had the most beautiful evenings. I have felt extremely happy to end the day in such a good way.”

Maise Rygaard

Danish Blogger

“I bought “In my heart” in hopes that it could help our boy, who had been troubled by night anxiety. I have read them every night since and he has not had a night’s anxiety since! It is absolutely fantastic and highly recommended.”

Danish mother

“This evening my two children lay close together and sent each other love (or most my son as my daughter is a little too young to understand much more than that it is super calming to lie down and snuggle with her older brother). Now my son asks every day if I can feel that he has sent me love during the day. He asks for the stories. Best of recommendations.”

Mother in Switzerland

In the first meditation you guide your child into his/her heart and teaches him to fill his heart with love. During the next meditations, you will teach your child to send and receive love on a distance, to catch love from a little love cloud and send love into the universe.

You read them just like when you read a bedtime story and you can also read them during the day, as a loving cheerful time together.

With “In my heart” you are teaching your child to go inside him- or herself to sense the body, mind and heart. Considering the statistics on contemporary young people and stress, this exercise will be an invaluable lesson for life. Also, by teaching your child to sense the heart and share the love, you nurture your child’s feelings of self-love, harmony and empathy.

“Hand-on-heart, Minnie-Sue falls asleep in the meditations about 80% of the time. And if she doesn’t fall asleep, she is in such a deep state of relaxation that she’s not far from the Land of Nod. I had to experience this to believe it! And I sleep better that night too. Here’s the second astounding thing. When we do the meditations, she sleeps later in the morning. This is an accomplishment because she is a born Lark.Finally, I have noticed that over the year that we have been doing these, Minnie-Sue’s behaviour is vastly improved on the days after a heart meditation.”

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Meet the author:

Below we share a replay of a live sending by author Gitte Winter. She shares about the background of the book and about how your energy as a parent affect your child when you read the book.

The book is now selling in 14 countries in English. Below you can see some of the countries and some of the cities where the book is selling. Now also available in Spanish. Let us know if you wish to have the book translated to your language.

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