Every day I practice to let go and help my children take more responsibility adjusted to the age they have.

It is not always easy, and I sometimes tie a knot on my self not to roll out the red carpet and quickly solve a problem for them. It’s a fine balancing act that often challenges me.

When I stand on the thin line, I have many choices. I can pull us both back ashore and sit and wait, wait, wait. But I’m just not a “waiting type”.

I can focus so much on the risks that I end up tipping over. But I do not like to tip over…

I can also choose to step with my child a little out on line, look her in the eye and say, “I believe in you, honey. You can do it”.

And then the art of motherhood is to keep that focus until she has come ashore on the other side, and a text message is ticking in with “I made it. I did it, mum <3 <3 <3 “. Which triggers a small relieved breath and fills my eyes with proud tears of joy.

Each time yet another challenge is mastered, she gets more roots in her own life. Roots to stand on, next time she faces a challenge. Roots that will support her and make it easier for her to keep her balance in life. So beautiful!

Mindfulness training helps me to understand and notice what I’m focused on. And if I do not like my focus, I change it. It could be from having a focus on “the fear of what might happen” to getting a focus on “the joy when she succeeds”.

I practice …